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Environmental Policy and Practices

PGI is committed to an environmentally friendly and safe work environment. High quality products are produced with the least environmental impact through all the facets of our printing operations.

PGI maintained and has the largest green print equipment, materials and processes that will minimize health exposure of hazard materials to our employees and our community.

At PGI we work hard to safeguard our natural resources and will continue to commit our management and financial resources to archiving a "Sustainable Future".

Waste - Our facility adheres to the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover philosophy.

Facilities - Housekeeping and outside storage standards help ensure that the facility appearances meet community values.

Air Quality - Not all emissions can be eliminated. The result of these byproducts are monitored, evaluated, and controlled for minimum environmental impact.

Water Conservation - The water management programs we have in place is designed to maintain effluent quality.

Spills - Special containers are used for the process, transfer, and storage. Spills are prevented to protect the surface water and groundwater from toxicity and other potential dangers.

Non-Hazardous Waste - Aluminum printing plates are sent off-site for recycling. Aluminum blanket bars are removed from the blankets for off-site recycling. Waste paper is shredded, baled and returned to use as a commodity in the recycling market.

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